Targeting Your Financial Needs!

Our main focus is the consumer's needs and providing superior customer service. You deserve the special care that our trained representatives can provide.

Consumer Financing

RFFC Financial works with a vast group of dealers, distributors, and providers who carry a wide array of products and services that are sold directly to consumers just like you. Our group of dealers, distributors, and providers offer products such as water and air filters, vacuums, cookware, pools, as well as, medical and dental providers just to list a few.

The philosophy at RFFC Financial is that we are in the people business and we work hard to help consumers, just like you, get what they need today. Working within a plethora of industries we have developed clear proven paths to establishing financing for consumer goods and services in the US. Don't wait for the products and services you need and can have today!


If you are a distributor of consumer products or services RFFC Financial can help you provide those products and services to a wider market through consumer financing of up to 100%. We provide a fast turn-around and a back office that allows you to track each contract in real time.  Apply here!


RFFC Financial can provide your practice with a real time back office tailored to the medical and dental industries. The services you provide often should be done a quickly as possible to avoid further issues. Financing your services through RFFC Financial will allow more of your clients to get the services they need.


New pools, HVAC services, Plumbing Contractors and more have all found the convenience of up to 100% consumer financing through RFFC Financial. Real time reporting and back office tools make it easy to track your customers and track your progress.

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